Music because I Must

I write this post because trying to make any difference in music, and gaining any kind of following is a hard, uphill, and arduous journey filled with discouragement, setbacks, and tough times.

As Rachel Hurley recently alluded into in an article on the whole Neil Young vs. Joe Rogan and Spotify (Link to article), streaming is a low income endeavor for musicians, not as much because Spotify pays paltry rates, but rather due to the over-supply and saturation of the music market.

That being said, when looking at all of the talented people who are doing it better and faster than me, it can be discouraging to even try.

But music is in my soul and I must do it. That is why I do it. Yes, I would love for people to discover me, and love my music, follow me, and support me, but if that never happens, I still gotta do it.

That’s why I do it, because it is part of what makes me, “me”. When I am actively making music, everything in life just feels aligned and right.

I used to hold that part of myself to the side waiting for someone to say, “Hey, I believe in you, I want to support you and give you what you need in order to fully realize your dreams of making music for a living”. But that was a pipe dream, and I finally realized that I could be that person for myself, and stop holding myself back and just do it.

So that’s what I am doing these days; day- in and day-out, working on my craft, making music, and releasing it when I feel like I have crafted it to a point where it can be shared.

And I would encourage you, if you are reading this, and have gotten this far. Don’t be afraid to pursue what you believe has been placed in you to pursue. In the Bible, there was a guy who had buried what his master gave him because he was so afraid of losing it or it not amounting to anything. Let’s not be that guy (or girl 😉 ). Let’s be the one who took what their master gave them and made it into more than just what it was. God does that for each of us. He gives each of us something, but leaves it to us to multiply it and make it even grander and greater.

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