Take your Time to be Great

No one is waiting on you to do your thing. They are not waiting on you to sing to them, write to them, create a movie, or a business. No one is waiting on you.

So why are we always in a rush to push our half-formed ideas, dreams, and desires out there? Why do we attempt to skip the process that it takes to fully realize our wishes and hopes? Why do we try to sneak around the steps to becoming great?

I know I do this too often or at least used to more so then now. I would look at myself and the gifts I felt I had been given, and then would push out sub-par music and songs expecting others to see behind my lackluster creations to the greatness I felt existed inside of me. I thought they would see the calling I had, the potential etc.

That was not the case, more often than not, they politely wouldn’t say a word or would give a half-hearted, “nice” without really meaning it. And some would be more brutal and let me know, in so many words, that it sucked and I should quit even trying. I have had more of the latter then I care to count.

But the truth is I feel that calling inside of me, like making music is what I was meant to do. That being said, I can’t give up, but I can approach it differently.

I believe the trick is to a.) never give up, and b.) to keep learning, developing, and striving. And again, not to rush. I am learning to be patient and that it’s okay to take time to make sure what I intend to share with others is at a level that I can be proud of.

And I remind myself, that I have the time because again no one is waiting on me, so I can take all the time I need in order to be great!

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